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Lucris M S Series III bench top clicker

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M A Series III Clicker Q and A

(Q) What thickness can I cut ?

(A) You can reliably cut at least 10mm thickness. ( in some foamy or soft materials you may cut 15mm thickness)

(Q) How often should I service the Machine?

(A) For most of the time a few drops of oil once a week is all the 'service' the M A Series III requires.

Smart Clicking



If you have the clicker mounted high then the only way to operate it is by pulling down the lever. This is hard work, especially when cutting heavy product. 

To work correctly the clicker should be mounted quite low. This then allows the clicker to work with the body, you simply ease the handle towards yourself  and 'rest on it'. 

So, by straightning (or almost straightning) your operating arm, you allow your shoulder and body weight to do the work. This then requires little or no 'strength' from you (the operator).



(Q) Why does my machine head appear to be not parallel with the base.

(A) The machine is designed to have a slight 'toe down'  as all swing head presses do .

This 'toe down' allows for the cutting of difficult to cut product which require some pressure to cut, as no matter how strong the machine is built there is always some flex.

If we were to make the head parallel we would have a lot more complaints, from all the thousands of clients who use this machine for heavy and medium cutting, as the machine would not cut at the toe.

If your requirements are lightweight cutting (very easily cut product).
Simply pack the base of the machine (under the cutting board) with some thin strips of thin (200gsm) cardboard progressing to perhaps 2 layers at the very back third of the base, to one layer in the middle third and none at the front.

Multi post cutting presses are parallel (or should be).

(Q) I have had the machine for several years, and now the top dial is jammed, what should I do please.

(A) Sorry that you are having trouble with the top dial.(on older machines)
You need to release the 2 grub screws in the side of the top dial by a bout 3 full turns.
then release the top dial( only a couple of turns) with whatever it takes "plumbers stilson" if necessary.
Then see the website lucris.com/service to correctly reset the top dial making sure that you re-tighten the grub screws quite strongly. 

Please note :- If you have removed the grub screws completely, be absolutely cretain that the 2 small copper plugs are in place in the holes before replacing the grub screws.

Failure to do this may render the machine not repareable in the future.

Also, please keep your cutting board flat and parallel.


(Q) Can I buy a single machine in a country where ther is no agent.

(A) Sorry we have tried to make single machines available, but overseas freight costs just totally make it impossible.
We now only sell single machines in Australia.
Minimum export is 12 machines.

For instance overseas freight on 12 machines is about AUD $25 each
Where overseas Freight on a single machine  is more like AUD$ 550.00
Best suggestion get some friends together and buy 12.