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Cutting Board

Lucris M S Series III bench top clicker

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Cutting Board:-
MA Series III Clicker board 300mm x 224mm x 25mm

cutting board
M A Series III clicker board (standard)

Colour may vary. It is usually natural or green.


We now stock of 2 larger sized cutting boards.

One  is 900mm x 450mm x 25mm (double side)

and a larger size 1000mm x 500mm x 25mm(double side)

these are the only 3 sizes we  stock. (the 2 above and the 300mm x 224mm x 25mm M A Series III board)

The board material is patented, and specially manufactured for the job, it is not Nylon and not Polypropylene but is similar to Polypropylene except that it overcomes two of Polypropylenes problems >> it is more "self healing" and will not shatter.

The boards are high grade German manufactured, which have been the 'Industry standard' for many years in Australia.