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Lucris M A Series III bench top clicker

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Home of the M A Series III bench top clicker, swing head press.

The M A Series III is:-

  • Fully hand assembled and tested to the highest standard .

    This machine will happily work with you, allowing you to cut all kinds of flexible materials like leather,  plastic, canvas, cloth, rubber and textiles.

    Working with machinery clicker dies 19mm high will easily cut wallets, belt tips, small shoes, purses and hundreds of other items.
  • Swatch making, craft, baby shoes, souvenirs, laboratory specimen dies, leather craft

  • Able to be used as a trimmer for saddlery and leather belts.

  • With cutting dies and the M A Series III Bench top clicker press, many cutting problems can be solved in leathercraft and other industries.

  • Able to pressure emboss medium density plate to about 100mm x 100mm.


The M A Series III  story :-

Originally invented and patented by us  in 1994, this was the first hand operated swing head clicker press in the world.

We have upgarded and strengthened all appropriate parts, while remaining true to the concept and design.

Virtually all M A Series III machines have been assembled by the original inventor, and this still continues to this day.

While some have attempted to copy, there is only one true M A Series III bench top clicker.

The statement " The Original and still the best could easily be applied".


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